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Steroids CLI

The Steroids Command-Line Interface is at the heart of the tooling. It works on OS X, Windows and Linux.

It offers tools for creating new projects, running a local development server, debugging, launching emulators, viewing logs and more. In addition to the command-line interface, there is also a graphical, browser-based UI.

Install Steroids CLI

AppGyver Scanner

The AppGyver Scanner companion app works with Steroids CLI to let you preview and develop your project on a real device.

It is built using the AppGyver Wrapper native runtime, allowing to access all the enhancements and features out of the box – no Xcode or Android Studio needed.


Create a new project

$ steroids create creates a new Supersonic project. You can choose between a Multi-Page App or Single-Page App scaffold, and decide if you want JavaScript or CoffeeScript in your project.

The project's Bower and npm dependencies are automatically installed, and running $ steroids update will handle everything required to keep things up-to-date.


Use an existing project

$ steroids connect in your existing Ionic or Cordova project will let you utilize the Steroids tooling with them.

You don't have to make any changes, and we won't add or change any files. It just works.


See your changes in real time

$ steroids connect in your project directory will start the Steroids Development Server. Use the AppGyver Scanner app to connect your physical mobile device, or launch an iOS or Android emulator with $ steroids emulate.

Your app will run just as it would as a stand-alone binary. When you change something in your project, the app reloads itself without restarting. It's blazing fast.


Remote debugging

$ steroids debug will launch the Safari or Chrome Remote Web Inspector, allowing you to debug your app.

What's more, remote debugging is available on all Android versions from 4.0 up – not just version 4.4 up, like with other platforms.


Build Service

$ steroids deploy will upload your app to the AppGyver Build Service. After configuring the build settings for your app, you can request as many stand-alone builds as you like, either for ad-hoc testing or to send them to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Build Service builds your app with the AppGyver Wrapper. This means you can leverage any of the various improvements, or enjoy 100% compatibility with Cordova – including support for any custom Cordova plugins.

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