The wizard behind the curtain


The existing native wrappers out there make little to no effort in battling the performance, device fragmentation and tooling issues facing hybrid app developers.

The AppGyver Wrapper is a game changer. With the Supersonic Framework, it brings truly native-like performance to UI and navigation. With Steroids Tooling, it brings awesome improvements to your workflow. And finally, many of the enhancements are universal – they can be enjoyed regardless of your framework of choice.

No more Android device fragmentation

It has always been a pain to handle the multitude of Android devices, screen sizes and operating system versions.

The platform WebView is especially inconsistent between Android OS versions. Something that works perfectly on Android 4.2 might not work on Android 4.1 simply because a feature is not implemented, and a rendering bug might require a workaround only on Android 4.3.

To fix this, we have partnered with Intel to integrate their Crosswalk project in AppGyver Wrapper for Android. Crosswalk WebViews use the latest version of Chrome, giving you access to all the newest HTML5 features. More importantly, apps built with Crosswalk behave consistently on all devices, regardless of Android OS version.

As for the rest of the issues, the Supersonic Framework takes care of them. Supersonic is crafted to ensure that your CSS scales nicely to multiple resolutions, that APIs work consistently on both Android and iOS, that native UI elements use the unique design paradigms of each platform, and much more.


Consistently fast and smooth performance on iOS and Android


Latest HTML5 features available on all devices


Great debugging for iOS and Android

PhoneGap-compatible, Supercharged
WebViews for your Supersonic Apps.

  • Full backwards compatibility with PhoneGap
  • Lightning fast API bridge
  • CORS issues fixed for good
  • Better memory management
  • Cloud Build Service, instant App Sharing & LiveReload
  • Move away from the File protocol and into localhost

All of AppGyver's technology uses the AppGyver Wrapper.
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