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Tap into the native side with a powerful set of APIs.


Away with Cordova Code Dribble

Access native device features with a modern API

Cordova provides access to a bunch of useful native APIs, but the implementations are pretty badly stuck in time. It's time for an upgrade.

  .then( function (position) {
    // do something awesome
    // with your position

Supersonic doesn't simply give you access to the Cordova APIs – we completely transform how you use them. You can leverage modern programming patterns like promises and streams, or simply enjoy the clearer and more consistent syntax.

Built-in AngularJS directives

The supersonic AngularJS directive is simple but powerful: it makes all the Supersonic APIs function with Angular's digest loop. No need to call $scope.$apply() – we take care of that automatically.

  .prompt("Please input your name")
  .then( function(result) {
    $scope.userName = result.input

Backward compatibility with Cordova and third-party plugins

In addition to our improved supersonic.* namespace device APIs, all the vanilla Cordova APIs are available – so your existing Cordova apps will work straight away with Supersonic.

// Vanilla Cordova
  .alert(null, null, "Hello!");

// Supersonic

What's more, we don't just ship Supersonic with a version of Cordova and hope the best. We make sure the included Cordova APIs work – and if the core APIs don't have a feature you need, you can use our cloud build service to includ any third-party cordova plugin in your app.

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