sonic Data

The missing data model and backend for AngularJS.

3-way data binding

It's no easy feat to have your data in sync between the view, the controller – and your backend.

  .whenChanged( function(villains) {
    // do something with an up-to-date
    // array of villains in your database

With Supersonic Data, the whole pipeline from the server-side to HTML (and back again) is handled without hassle. What's more, changes propagate automatically: data updates in real time across all devices.

Free development database for your apps

Your app will require custom data at some point. Why not use a real database from the get-go?

Every new Supersonic project comes with a free AppGyver Sandbox Database, so you don't have to waste time with API mockups. And when you're ready, it takes just a few clicks to switch your app over to your production backend.

Works with any REST API

Backends-as-a-Service are wonderful, but don't be caught in a vendor lock-in.

Supersonic Data lets you use any REST API you like. You can even switch between different API endpoints without having to rework your app's internal schema.

Access & edit data with the Data Browser

We love our CLI tools and programmatic APIs, but sometimes a graphical UI is better suited for the job.

The Data Browser comes bundled with Steroids Tooling, allowing you to define, add, remove and edit resources in your app's database. All within a browser window.

Framework agnostic

8 years of jQuery expertise? Black belt in Backbone? There's plenty of awesome frameworks out there, and everyone has a favorite.

While we love AngularJS and Supersonic Data meshes together really well with it, don't worry. You can use Supersonic Data with all the frameworks you know and love.

Works great with AngularJS

It can take a bit of hacking to get a library to work just right with Angular.

Supersonic Data loves AngularJS, and all the methods in the* namespace mesh beautifully with Angular.

Auto-Generated CRUD scaffolds

You have your data. Next up, create new file at cars/index.html and...

Not with Supersonic Data. With a single click, you can generate a Supersonic CRUD scaffold in your app – that will immediately get populated with your actual data.

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