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Introducing the first UI framework that's designed solely for building awesome hybrid mobile apps.

We've selected the best of what HTML5, native APIs and the top frameworks have to offer. We've then modified, improved and re-imagined them to bring you the best blend possible.

Everything is built for hybrid app development from the get-go.

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Supersonic is a framework with an elegant balance of simplicity and power. By using the best of what AngularJS, web components and HTML5 have to offer, Supersonic has crafted a level of sophistication that is years ahead of the competition.

Matias Niemela

Author of ngAnimate, AngularJS Team


Ionic + Native + Magic = Supersonic

Supersonic UI is a game-changer. It's an Ionic fork that changes the way you think about hybrid app performance. Supersonic's declarative UI style makes building complex mobile apps a breeze. In the background, the seamless interplay of native UI and HTML5 bakes an end-result that is 100% indistinguishable from any native app. You'll absolutely love it.


Dead simple data integrations

Building API-connected mobile apps just got incredibly easy. Supersonic Data provides you with a dead-simple JavaScript syntax to interact with any data set in your backend. It's a complete framework with a wizard for integrating any REST API, a data browser to view and modify your backend data and CRUD scaffold generator to get you going. We also give you a free development database to go with your app. Supersonic Data has been designed to work seamlessly with AngularJS.


Access device features like a boss

Instead of leaving you to navigate the open source jungle of Cordova and third-party plugins, Supersonic gives you a slick set of APIs for interacting with the native capabilities of your mobile device. Core Cordova APIs are promisified and come with AngularJS directives. Access features like Facebook login and push notifications via AppGyver-maintained plugins – the whole native side is at your fingertips.

Made with a love for Angular

While supersonic is framework independent, it makes use of an optimized AngularJS to aid in the fast and easy development of rich and robust mobile applications.

More reasons thatsupersonic is so super.


Framework Agnostic

Although supersonic works great with Angular, we've made sure supersonic is built on open-web standards so you can use whatever frameworks you're most familiar with.


Goodbye, Android Fragmentation

Supersonic apps use AppGyver wrapper. That means you get the same rich user experience for almost 90% of Android devices out there.


Supersonic icons

Supersonic comes complete with set of 150 icons you can use by declaring a class. Take a look at the entire set and quickly find the icons you want.


Consistent UI behavior

With Supersonic, you never need to declare a component's target platform for native components. When you declare tabs, you get iOS tabs on iOS devices, and Android tabs on Android devices. You can always expect a consistent platform experience for every device.


Future-proofed for iOS & Android

When you use Supersonic, you can be sure you are using the most up-to-date visual and functional paradigms of both platforms. That means iOS8 and Android Lollipop today, and future-proofed for the next generations.

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